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Recip Blades for Wood

A range of HCS recip blades specially designed for cutting wood with a reciprocating saw machine
  • Manufactured from High Carbon Steel
  • Universal fitting to fit the most popular reciprocating saw machines
  • Outstanding cutting performance to meet the needs of the most demanding professional
  • A range of different TPI and lengths available for cutting different thicknesses and types of wood, laminate, chipboard and plastics
  • Selected types ideal for cutting and pruning of green wood
  • Each blade contains 5 blades
  • 物料编码尺寸(mm)齿数应用条形码包装数量
    EC-S1531L240 x 19 x 1.55木材的粗糙、快速切割< = 175mm(树木切割和修剪)505491402823520
    EC-S2345X200x19x1.56-10建筑木材(6-150mm)。刨花板、中密度纤维板(6-60mm)、胶合板、塑料(6-150mm)、木板(< 175mm)505491402825920
    EC-S617K150 x 19 x 1.253Course Wood free of nails (20-100mm). Pruning green wood (Ø <100mm).* Especially for curved cuts505491402815020
    EC-S644D150 x 19 x 1.256建筑木材(6-100mm)。木板(< 75mm)、刨花板、中密度纤维板(6-60mm)、胶合板、塑料(6-100mm),*尤其适用于切入式切割505491402821120